As the name suggests, this system specially designed to continuously monitor ambient or stack emissions for the organizations working in the fields, such as oil and gas onshore and offshore, industries with ambient and stack, and construction activities. 

  • The system can be made operational with gas analyser based monitoring or with the sensor-based environmental monitoring, as per requirement. 
  • The system can be made available with the specific pollutants requirement apart from criteria pollutants such as ammonia, methane, hydrogen sulfite, and etc. 
  • The system is not always dependent on the power supply, and a sensor-based system can run on solar. 
  • The system is capable of smart data logging and data transmission. 
  • The system enables the evaluation of real-time pollutant emissions. 

CEMS and Integration

GE3S air quality assessment solution includes an ambient air quality monitoring and Emission testing but is not limited to the mentioned sector. The solution can easily be integrated with real time noise levels monitoring, and marine water quality monitoring.  

Integration of environmental monitoring with real-time data collection and transmission with the help of data loggers and Wireless communication over 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi. Wired communication over Ethernet. 

DATA Acquisition

  • Data Collection: The data is collected with the help of a logger that collects data from various sensors connected to it. Device data acquisition is capable of handling digital and analog data from multiple sensors. 
  • Data Analysis: Collected data is processed, analyzed, filters and algorithms are applied for high accuracy. 
  • Data Transmission: The collected and filtered data is transmitted further over wired and wireless interfaces. 
  • Data Display: The transmitted data is stored on the cloud and displayed on user devices using the application. 

Key Features:

  • High Precision: Data Acquisition from low voltage sensors. 
  • Versatile Inputs: Digital signal variation 
  • Communication: Wireless Communication 
  • Rugged: Weather protection, IP65 
  • GPS: Built-in GPS 

Real-Time Data Dashboard:

With the help of wireless communication 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi. The obtained data can be directly hosted on the cloud server, which can be integrated with the GE3s server or with the client’s servers. The dashboard will be helpful in obtaining a real-time pollution concentration, setting up the alarms for pollutants exceedance and exceedance count, from Ambient Air, Noise, Marine stations, and Metrological Stations. 

CEMS solution applications:

The solution is being implemented with a wide range of applications in the following sectors: 

  • Oil and Gas (Offshore & Onshore) 
  • Industries (ambients environment, stack emissions, and marine outfalls) 
  • Construction and demolition sites.