Waste Management Master Planning

Solid waste management master planning for greater areas, and various waste streams like Household waste, municipal waste, commercial waste, Special types of waste as: batteries, construction and demolition waste (C&D), Packaging etc. As part of waste management master planning services, GE3S offer followings:

  • Waste stream analysis and waste characterization.
  • Waste qualitative and quantitative determination
  • Design of collection and transportation schemes.
  • Emission inventory
  • Design of integrated Waste management facilities, such as: Landfills
  • Environmental impact assessment Studies, including selection of site
  • Environmental monitoring for all types of waste management facilities
  • Management of medical, hazardous and industrial waste.
  • Feasibility study on hazardous waste management, establishment of waste sorting plants, waste to energy plants.
  • Waste audit, waste reduction plans and reporting .