Sustainability Advisory

GE3S assists its clients in implementing best practices, reporting to stakeholders, setting up governance structures and devising long term strategy around sustainable development. We are leading sustainability reporting consultant in the Middle East and South Asia region. Our key services in sustainability domain include the following: 

Sustainability Reporting

With increasing stakeholder demand, regulatory requirements and increasing sustainability awareness amongst corporates has resulted in greater attention to environmental and social issues by the private sector. Reporting on environmental and social performance has become norm of the day. Globally GRI Standards or the Global Reporting Initiative Standards are most widely used to develop sustainability reports. 

As sustainability reporting consultant we assist our clients in developing GRI compliant sustainability reports while ensuring that they also reflect the contribution of the organization to other relevant global sustainability initiatives like United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (USDGs), United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Dow Jones Sustainability Index, UNPRI’s Principles for Responsible Investment, CDP disclosures etc. 

Our services include sustainability maturity assessment, stakeholder engagement, materiality analysis, data collection, report writing, design and liaising with GRI for GRI services.  

We are leading sustainability reporting consultant in the Middle East and South Asia region with more than 25 reports delivered. 

Sustainability Strategy

  • Integrating Sustainability: Businesses approach sustainability differently. However one common element of integrating sustainability into business strategy and long term plans is becoming increasingly important. 
  • Impacts Identification: We assist our clients in identifying the material impacts, establishing KPIs, engaging with stakeholders, developing sustainability policy, vision and mission. Short- and long-term sustainability goals and KPIs and establishing governance structure to execute the sustainability strategy and meet the sustainability targets. 
  • GE3S Guidance:  Whether you have just started your sustainability journey or already have taken actions, GE3S’s team can guide you along a strategic, effective, and customized journey towards sustainable and responsible business operation. 

Sustainability Assurance

Assurance provides confidence to the stakeholders that the sustainability performance data reported by the organization in its sustainability report is reliable and reasonable. 

We conduct review of the report and audit the non-financial data to provide our assurance opinion for a sustainability report.  

We have pool of resources having expertise in different sustainability issues including, energy, water, waste, human resource, health & safety, biodiversity etc.  We have provide sustainability assurance to several clients. 

Sustainable Procurement

We also help our clients in achieving CIPS Corporate Certificate. CIPS is an assessment that measure a company’s procurement function. The benefits of CIPS Corporate Certificate are Increased Reputation, Continuous Improvement, Sustainability, and Establishing Robust Ethical Practices and the Assurance of Value-Add in Procurement Transactions. 

ISO 20400:2018 for Sustainable Procurement has just been published to help organizations make sustainable purchasing a way of life. As procurement plays a large role in any organization, who an organization buys from is just a big an impact as on its performance as what it buys. GE3S helps its clients assess their supply chain, identify and prioritize the sustainability challenges and help them overcome these challenges by developing SMART Strategies. 

Sustainable Supply Chain

UN Global Compact rates supply chain practices as the biggest challenge to improving sustainable supply chains. We help companies put in place supply chain strategy 


  • GE3S helps client to develop the business case by understanding the external landscape and business drivers.  
  • GE3S establishes the vision and objectives for supply chain sustainability. 
  • GE3S establishes sustainability expectations for the supply chain. 


  • We determine the scope of efforts based on business priorities and impacts. 


  • Our team helps communicate expectations and engage with suppliers to improve performance.  
  • Ensure alignment and follow up internally.  


  • GE3S assists the client in tracking and evaluating performance against goals and targets.