MRF & RDF Plant Design and Construction Supervision Services

GE3S team specializes in various technologies on how to treat solid waste. They not only do the design of the plants choosing the best technology available but also do the construction supervision and commissioning. Due to this experience they not only know how different machines perform during operation but also the quality of after sales services of different suppliers. In addition to that they also consider possible problems which might occur during operation in their next designs. 

Depending on the Client’s needs, the existing problem/waste and the anticipated business model and market demands GE3S offers custom made solutions using state of the art technology:

Material Recovery Facilities (MRF)

Facilities are for the recovery of valuable material out of different kinds of waste, mostly Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Industrial and Commercial Waste (ICW) or Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW). They come in variable throughput sizes and sorting automation levels. 

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Plants

GE3S is specialized in the design and construction of solid waste sorting, treatment and production of compost & alternative fuel (RDF) facilities.

GE3S provides the following activities: –

  • Design solid waste recycling system.
  • Market research and technical studies and presentations.
  • Design and specify facility components and equipment.
  • Engineering drawings of mechanical equipment and construction drawings of civil and electrical works.
  • Construction supervision.
  • Provide technical support during operation, training, and after sales services.