MEP Design

The MEP Design package includes:

  • Site survey reports.
  • Feasibility reports.
  • Concept design reports.
  • Concept design drawings (AutoCAD).
  • Detailed design drawings (AutoCAD).
  • Project specifications.
  • Detailed BOQs.
  • Budgetary Cost Estimation.
  • Vendor Offers Evaluations / Technical Queries, Technical & Commercial Bid Evaluation).
  • Site Supervision for Installation, Testing & Commissioning and Handover to Client.
Mechanical Services

Design of complete HVAC Systems as per ASHRAE standard 62.1.2013 and UAE’s Local Authority requirements & guidelines.:

  • Air and water-cooled chillers, FAHUs, AHUs, FCUs, kitchen hoods and fresh exhaust air ducts.
  • VRF systems, split and package units.
  • Central heating and hot water.
  • Refrigeration system.
  • Ventilation system.
  • Smoke extraction systems as per UAE fire & life safety code.
  • Air & water treatment plants and systems.
Fire Fighting & Suppression Services

Design of complete Fire Fighting System as per NFPA and UAE Fire & Life Safety Code:

  • Fire water pump sizing calculations and sizing.
  • Sprinkler system design.
  • Fire water hose system.
  • Fire water quantity calculation and fire water tank sizing.
  • Fire pump room sizing and details.
  • FM200 system.
  • Fire extinguishers.
Water Supply Services
  • Water demand calculations as per LEED/ASHRAE.
  • Water supply schematic design drawings.
  • Water supply design drawings.
  • Water tank sizing calculations and rooftop / underground water tank designs.
  • Water pipe sizing as per water flow demand calculations.
  • Water supply transfer and booster pump sizing calculations and details.
Plumbing/Draining Services:

Designing of all types of plumbing anddrainage Systems:

  • Design of various pipe sizes e.g. PVC, PPR, COPPER and high-pressure line pipe works
  • Detailed schematics & riser diagrams
  • Manhole , floor drain, rain outlets and basins
  • Water recycling systems
  • Irrigation line works
Electrical Services:

Design of complete electrical systems for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential complexes:

  • MV power distribution systems.
  • LV power distribution system.
  • Diesel generator sizing and selection.
  • Emergency load calculations and load schedule.
  • Overall electrical load schedule.
  • Electrical Sizing Calculations e.g. Voltage Drop, Short Circuit, Earthing, UPS Sizing calculations etc.
  • Sizing & Selection of MCCs, SMDBs and DBs.
  • Panel Boards Schedules.
  • Preparation of Power & Protection SLDs.
  • Power and Control System.
  • Grounding/Earthing and Lightning Protection System (LPS).
  • Street Lighting Design.
  • Lighting Design / Lux Level calculations and Decorative Lighting Design.
  • Lighting Control System.
Low Voltage Extra Low Voltage

Design of complete Electrical Systems for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential complexes:

  • Building management systems.
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems.
  • Home automation systems, office/meeting/conference room automation services.
  • Smoke detection and fire alarm system.
  • Emergency lighting systems.
  • Structured cable system.
  • CCTV, security and surveillance systems.
  • Access control, time attendance – card and bio-metric system.
  • Audio / video intercom systems.
  • Public address systems.
  • Central battery and ups systems.
  • Dimmer control.
  • Gate barrier systems.
  • Data center solutions.