Environmental Studies

GE3S Environmental team, with vast experience in the field of environmental consulting, provides services to its public and industrial clients around the globe. We work in close accordance with our esteemed clients for achieving the highest standards of environmental compliance for project environmental impacts.

Our integrated environmental solution for government and industries not only supports sustainable development and efficient operations and management but also has application in policy development for the future.

With the help of teams, experience GE3S provides a deep understanding of the local environment, culture, and regulatory standards along with the global picture of the changing environment.

GE3S portfolio consists of environmental studies such as:

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment.
  • Health Safety Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Terrestrial Ecological Studies.
  • Marine Ecological Studies.
  • Environmental Site Assessment.
  • Contaminated Site Remediation Plan.
  • EHS Management and Consulting .