Energy Management

We help our clients adopt a systematic approach to how they manage and consume energy, specializing in areas of international best practice, such as ISO 50001, helping our clients to deliver organization wide change in how they approach energy management and in the process operate their business in a more cost effective and sustainable manner. Our diverse range of energy management services has delivered award winning results for our clients.

We provide expert advice in energy management systems to ISO 50001, energy data analytics, energy modelling, energy baselines and performance indicators, measurement & verification to IPMVP, training, awareness and engagement programmes, and energy auditing to ISO 50002/EN 16247. Our services help our clients to manage the entire range of energy streams, from buildings, to transport, to industry.

Our team brings deep expertise, understanding and capability in the area of energy management and energy efficiency. Our experts are trained to industry recognized benchmarks, LEED EBOM, the Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) credential from AEE & BEE, Certified Energy Auditor (CEA®) credential from AEE & BEE, and Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP®) credential from EVO/AEE.