Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management

Demand Side Management is the foundation of our service and it’s all about helping your organization understand the known unknown, utility and energy waste.

Whatever your organization accomplishes you require energy: to get work done; maintain environmental conditions; or meet process needs. While increasing energy supply is an option, investigating energy demands will reveal that energy waste is a measurable and controllable cost.

Changes in technology, equipment aging, and energy efficient options all play a role in how your organization demands energy services.

Before you consider a supply-side solution to increasing your bottom line, consider taking stock and then control of your energy waste. There is profit in reducing waste, improving efficiency and tapping into your demand-side energy. We offer the following DSM services: 

  • Energy Benchmarking  
  • Retro-Commissioning 
  • Facility Energy Modeling 
  • Industrial Energy Audit 
  • Measurement and Verification 
  • LEED EBOM Certification 
  • Energy System Commissioning