CFD Analysis

In building design,  CFD is typically used to model the movement and temperature of air within spaces. This is important as it allows designers to investigate internal conditions before a building is built, allowing them to test options and select the most effective solutions. 

  • GE3S portfolio of provides hard evidence of our many successful CFD consulting projects. These consulting endeavors include conditioned air systems and ventilation to name just a few. CFD can also be used to investigate the impact of a new building on air movement around a site, and has been used to model other ‘fluid’ behavior, such as the movement of people. 

GE3S CFD analysis can be used for modelling: 

  • The thermal comfort of occupants 
  • The distribution of environmentalconditions within a space. 
  • The effectiveness of building services (such as the positioning of air inlets and extracts or radiators). 
  • The consequences of fire (such as the spread of heat and smoke). 
  • The effectiveness of natural ventilation (such as the stack effect). 
  • The buildup of heat in specialistspaces such as server rooms. 
  • The positioning of sensors.