GE3S energy professionals certified from Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Govt. of India and USA Professional Engineer (P.E.) License holders have performed several energy audits for all types of buildings such as institutional, university, commercial, IT parks, industries and municipal buildings.

We have a complete tool library including ultrasonic flow meter, anemometers, lux meters, DP manometers, temperature sensors, power analyzer and HOBO loggers to work at multiple sites simultaneously. We perform energy audit services for all types of HVAC systems, chiller plants, boiler plants, steam systems, compressed air pneumatic systems, refrigeration systems, lighting and electrical systems. We do have expert to carry out following types of energy audit:

Types of Audit

Preliminary Energy Audit
• Known as walk through audit / diagnostic audit
• Quick and easy, no measurement is required
• Identifies the area to be focused further detailed audit


Targeted Energy Audit
• It results from preliminary energy audit
• Detailed analysis of the specified projects / utility


Detailed Energy Audit
• It is a comprehensive audit with detailed energy project implementation plan for a facility
• Involves detailed measurement by energy audit instruments / online instruments
• Detailed energy cost saving calculations and project implementation cost
• Involves three phases like pre audit phase, audit phase and post audit phase

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