The combination of two companies or one company taking over the other or divestiture of a company or an assetall forms part of Merger and Acquisition world. The benefits of Merger and Acquisition (M&A)include increase in revenue and manpower and entrance into new markets.

If you are planning on negotiating a transaction you may want to consider potential financial and commercial implications of environmental, health & safety and social risks (EHS&S) and liabilities associated with the deal to assist the investment decision.


You can opt for Environmental Site Assessment/ Due Diligence done by experts at any location in the world. The degree and kind of ESA / EDD may vary for different properties and differing purposes. Ge3S provides the following services to their clients :

1. Environmental Site Assessment Phase I

Phase I ESA/Environmental Site Assessment- Phase I ESA is a tool to determine whether a property may be contaminated. It is a non-intrusive investigation. Prior to the purchase or occupancy of a property, the purchaser or future tenant has the option to complete a Phase I ESA to investigate the current and historical use of that property and to learn whether real estate has Recognized Environmental Condition (REC)/Controlled Recognized Environment Condition (CREC)/Historically Recognized Environment Condition (HREC). We follow ASTM 1527-13. GE3S provides Phase I ESA/Environmental Site Assessment service to our clients.

2. Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence (EDD)- The scope of EDD includes Phase I ESA plus Limited Compliance Review for environmental parameters. One is required to follow any laws set forth by the state, local, or federal regulations for assessment requirements and liability protection. Conducting due diligence early during the acquisition process is necessary because the discovery of post-acquisition liabilities holds the current owner responsible for remediation. You can select Environmental health and safety assessment (EHS) or environmental health and safety and social assessment (EHSS) based on your requirement. GE3S provides Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) service to our clients.

3. Phase II Assessment

Phase II assessment- Phase II ESA assesses the contaminants possibly present in the soil and the general ground condition and examines any current activities on the site. It is an intrusive investigation. The positioning of utilities and communications cabling is checked. Soil and water samples are taken from the highest risk areas of the property and any contaminants measured. These are assessed against the government standards for levels at which these substances could cause possible harm to human health. Mostly USEPA and Dutch standards are used. We use ASTM E1903 Standard Practice for ESAs: Phase II ESA Process. GE3S provides Phase II assessment service to our clients.

4. Environmental Social Governance

Environmental Social Governance: It is linked to the concept of responsible investment. It is applicable if the organization has a portfolio of assets and conducted when companies are asked to substantiate ESG management by partners. This involves the inclusion of ESG risks and opportunities into the traditional financial analysis of equity value. The scope is documentation review, desktop assessment of the company and its subsidiaries and site visit. GE3S provides Environmental Social Governance service to our clients.

We take a broad, interdisciplinary and value-based approach that helps businesses identify, prioritize, and realize EHSS performance and efficiency opportunities as well as mitigate risks.

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