Global warming and climate change is one of the greatest environmental challenge of our time. Rising concentrations of green house gases have risen the global average temperature of the earth.

This has started altering the climatic patterns of different geographies, and is bound to increase further as the earth becomes warmer.

Governments as well as private sector organizations have come forward to combat climate change. GE3S has assisted several of its clients in identifying their contribution to global warming and devising a plan to manage the green house gas emissions throughout their operation and supply chain.


We provide plethora of services ranging from carbon footprint estimation, carbon neutral certification, clean development mechanism project to carbon strategy.

Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint is essentially the sum total of green house gas emissions by an organization, event, or individual etc over a given period of time. At GE3S we help our clients in estimating their carbon footprint. This involves identification of emission sources and sinks, collection of activity data and then using emission factors to convert the data into green house gas equivalents.

While doing so we follow internationally accepted guidelines such as GHG protocol, ISO 14067, PAS 2050 etc.

2. Carbon Neutral Certification

We assist companies in measuring, reducing and offsetting GHG emissions so that they operate as a carbon neutral facility. We have undertaken folowing types of carbon neutral advisory services:

  1. Carbon neutral product certification
  2. Carbon neutral events
  3. Airport Carbon Accreditation Program
  4. UN’s Climate Neutral Now certification

3. Clean Development Mechanism

Projects that reduce Green House Gases (GHGs) can be registered under the UNFCCCs Clean Development Mechanism. Such projects are referred to as CDM projects. These projects can be renewable energy projects (wind/solar/hydro), energy efficiency projects, or waste management projects. CDM projects can earn carbon revenue through sales of carbon credits (CERs) which are issued to them by the UN. GE3S provides expert advisory services for feasibility study, CDM registration as well as monetization of carbon credits.

4. Airport Carbon Accreditation

Airports are at different points on the journey to becoming cleaner and more efficient. As the centrepoints of a complex web of aircraft movements, technical operations and surface access transport, airports can address their CO2 emissions in a variety of ways. In order to promote GHG emission reduction at Airpots Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) Program was initiated in 2009. The airports are provided with following four levels of accreditation based on the action they take on GHG emmission reduction:

  1. Mapping
  2. Reduction
  3. Optimisation
  4. Neutrality

GE3S provides advisory services to airports on identifying their emissions as well as reducing the same. We help our clients throughout the ACA program cycle so that they receive the highest level of carbon certification.

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