Water & Wastewater

GE3S has extensive experience in environmental services and engineering, particularly in the areas of water and wastewater system design, construction support and operation and maintenance. GE3S assists in the entire life cycle of a project, from conceptual design, permitting, final design and construction monitoring, to the operation of environmental control systems and compliance. GE3S expertise assures compliance with water and wastewater regulations, wetland protection, and stormwater requirements. GE3S clients include both the private and public sectors. 


Failure of septic systems often requires the installation of a more sophisticated wastewater treatment system. GE3S designs and operates wastewater systems for regulatory compliance. We specialize in troubleshooting of chronic non-compliant systems and recommending and implementing corrective action. GE3S’s experience with small to medium-sized wastewater treatment equipment ensures identification of the root of the problem to restore regulatory compliance. GE3S also assists clients in lowering their financial liabilities by negotiating the best possible outcome with local and state regulators. 

GE3S provides clients with code-compliant wastewater system designs for both traditional and innovative systems. We also evaluate the compliance status of existing septic systems for change in use. The evaluation includes the inspection of the system’s septic tanks, soil absorption system (SAS) and conveyance system, including pump station and force mains, to determine compliance with application regulations.  


GE3S’s civil and structural engineering staff recognizes the importance of designing projects that are sensitive to the environmental.GE3S’s experience ensures a broad range of ideas are presented and analyzed, that lead to informed decisions based on practical and sound judgment. 


GE3S’s capabilities range from smaller sites, to redevelopment and restoration design and engineering, to large residential and commercial projects. Our experience includes watershed, stream, and wetland restoration and enhancement studies; wastewater treatment facility design and construction; landfill permitting, operation and management and closure including post-closure monitoring and use plans; and water supply and protection analyses and design. 


GE3S provides clients with project management, environmental, geotechnical, and resident engineering; site inspections; and surveying services for many complex solid waste and landfill projects. Our services include evaluating dredged material, contaminated soil, and soil for on-site reuse. We help clients by completing permit applications and constructing re-use concepts for closed or soon-to-be closed landfills. 


Comprehensive planning for stormwater treatment and erosion control is essential. GE3S performs analysis of watershed water quality and design of site and project water quality plans. Assistance in establishing and developing Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDLs), water quality assessment programs, and stream and lake restoration planning is also available. 


GE3S is a leader in achieving and maintaining environmental compliance. Our team includes several former senior regulators who understand what details agencies need and know how to effectively present our clients’ cases. We conduct reviews of existing permits and develop recommendations for environmental compliance. GE3S conducts on-site construction oversight for projects, and documents compliance with permits. Our team also helps clients evaluate compliance and enforcement notices issued by regulatory agencies. 


GE3S has comprehensive experience in environmental services and engineering, particularly in the areas of water and wastewater system design, construction support, and operation and maintenance. We oversee the entire life cycle of a project, from permitting to design to construction monitoring and the operation of environmental control systems and compliance. Our team is expert in regulatory compliance for water supply, wetland protection, and wastewater activities. 


GE3S assists clients in construction projects by providing verification of design intent and code compliance. We conduct inspections, verification that construction meets design intent, and independent review of wastewater, water supply, structural design, building foundations, roads, and bridges. GE3S also provides full and limited construction support with civil, structural, and environmental engineers and scientists. 


GE3S performs structural design of concrete and steel structures including buildings, foundations, bridges, and hydraulic structures. We provide finite element analysis for abnormal loadings associated with earthquakes and wind, compliant with various state and federal codes. Our team has worked on various power plant structures, shopping centers, schools, and process plants. GE3S can help with your structural design challenges including the completion of analysis, preparation of structural drawings, and construction oversight. 


GE3S designs storm water, wetlands, water supply, and wastewater systems and structures. We use decades of engineering and environmental science experience to render realistic, practical, and forward-thinking solutions to the design of a project. 


GE3S conducts various energy design and retrofit project design, which utilize energy efficient products and methods to conserve energy. Our experience includes green building design, water use, septic system discharge, energy conservation, geothermal, and rainfall runoff recharge design. We support numerous clients in building design and retrofit projects intended to incorporate resource conservation including energy reduction, water use reduction, storm water minimization, and waste minimization. 




Energy conservation is beneficial for industries and institutions to reduce cost and improve system performance. GE3S’s energy audits provide useful conservation ideas that align with client goals. Our staff help clients incorporate alternative energy resources, implement energy reduction techniques, and maximize energy credits. 

Alternative energy (nuclear, fossil, hydro, geothermal, wind and solar) is worth exploring for some clients. GE3S conducts alternative energy evaluations, including on-site surveys, data generation, and analysis, and regulatory submittal. GE3S incorporates physical boundary parameters, construction techniques and impacts, and cost considerations. 

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