Pulp & Paper

GE3S’s staff has considerable experience working with the pulp and paper industry. Our staff’s experience spans over 15 years and has involved approximately 10 mills throughout the GCC and SEA region, cold soda, neutral sulfite, semi-chemical, and sulfite practice (Ca, Na, NH3, and Mg bases). The work at many of these mills included detailed onsite air pollution and multi-media inspections and evaluations, as well as evaluations of specific control system performance and operation and maintenance practices. 

Our staff has also prepared detailed guidelines and inspection manuals for the evaluation of various pulp mill processes and associated air pollution control systems. The manuals include discussions of process steps, expected operating conditions, typical failure mechanisms and malfunctions, and operation of abatement equipment. Processes addressed in these manuals include furnish receiving, storage, and handling; woodroom; digestion; washers; evaporators; chemical recovery units; and causticizing, bleaching, and utility systems. Checklists are provided for each process to assist in the documentation of process control equipment operation. 

GE3S offers expertise in the following service areas:

  • Sustainability Strategy and Reporting 
  • GHG Study 
  • Environmental Impact Assessment 
  • Wastewater/Stormwater Sampling 
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment 
  • Air Emissions Reporting 
  • Stormwater Toxicity Evaluation 
  • Emission Testing