For more than a decade, GE3S staff has provided hydrodynamic dispersion modeling, air dispersion modeling, noise modeling, permitting, and compliance support for a wide range of coastal operations including oil, gas, container terminals, ports & terminals etc. The regulatory landscape that applies to offshore and coastal operations is extremely complex. GE3S has played a key role in the success of many of these capital intensive projects by designing strategy for environmental and sustainability integration and compliance with the applicable health, safety and security (HSS) obligations while helping our clients obtain construction/ operation authorization under multiple licensing regulations from the various regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over offshore facilities. 

Environmental and Sustainability Support for Ports operations:

Environmental management and sustainability have played a significant role in the planning and design stages and will continue to be a vital element to Ports during the construction phase.

GE3S facilitate to achieve an Infrastructure Sustainability rating of ‘Excellent’ for the design and construction of the project. 

Project Profile

GE3S has performed the following past and on-going projects: 

  • Green Marine Certification 
  • Assisted Ports Companies to develop their sustainability strategy 
  • Prepared Sustainability Report based on the GRI guidelines 
  • Prepared GHG emission inventory for Ports operations 
  • Supervise to achieve Estidama certification for ports constriction 
  • Supported long-term on-site assignments for a variety of environmental needs 
  • Prepared a hydrodynamic dispersion model in anticipation of future need  
  • Conducted waste management master planning for the port’s operation 
  • Conducted several compliance audits focusing on various environmental issues