Oil & Gas

Addressing Oil & Gas Environmental and Sustainability Requirements

The oil and gas industry currently face the greatest environmental, health and safety challenges in its entire history 

GE3S is a constructive service provider of integrated environmental, health, safety, risk and social consulting and sustainability-related services. We support the oil and gas industry across the entire spectrum of operations, delivering innovative solutions and helping clients to understand and manage their business risks. 

GE3S team has more than decade experience in facilitating oil & gas industries need for environmental and sustainability requirements. Some of the most demanding services provided by GE3S includes:

Sustainable Strategy

GE3S Develop and implement the strategies, program and tools for sustainable businesses.  

Environmental Impact Assessment and Planning

Achieving project approvals by assessing and managing environmental, social and health impacts, obtaining permits and supporting stakeholder engagement.  

GE3S has carried our several EIA to help them to secure permit from regulatory bodies. As part of studies, GE3S carried out baseline environmental monitoring, air quality modeling, noise modeling, environmental monitoring and management plan 

Air Quality and Climate Change

Proactively addressing air quality, energy efficiency and carbon management challenges to enhance shareholder value.   In this line, GE3S has done air dispersion modeling for Saudi Aramco group.  Additionally, team is involved in GHG emission inventory of some of their plants. 

Performance and Assurance

Helping corporations reach their SHE performance potential.  

Risk Management

Quantifying and managing the safety risks associated with hazardous installations and processes with the objective of protecting people, assets and the environment.