For a mining company, sustainable practices are at the core of its license to operate. More and more companies have come to realize that the only way to be economically viable is to operate environmentally and socially responsible. The themes of climate change, resource scarcity and energy efficiency strongly resonate with the mining industry as they have been grappling with those topics in their day-to-day business. At GE3S we are strongly committed to facilitate sustainability practices and we want to support those companies that are working for tomorrow’s economy. 

Mining companies typically have professional teams that are making sure the activities comply with regulations and activities are conducted in a responsible manner, ensuring safety for its employees, as well as the communities and the environment in which they operate. More and more, the finance function is actively involved in this discussion. The sustainable development discussion is not only focused on the reputational or legal aspects, but increasingly innovative design and the economic return. 


GE3S work with mining companies to bring down cost of mineral extraction with least environmental impacts. GE3S has conducted several technical and market research including: 

  • Keys areas for improvement 
  • Increase equipment availability 
  • Benefit from Digitization 
  • Reduce Maintenance Budget 
  • Reduce Energy cost 
  • Increase equipment reliability 
  • Enhance predictive maintenance  


Environmental management includes a wide variety of practices to be adopted, both mandatory (i.e. rehabilitation of mining sites and payment of taxes) and voluntary (i.e. environmental management systems and life cycle assessment). 

The most tangible impact comes in the form of noise and dust, intrusion on the landscape, and the emission of pollutants into the air and surrounding watercourses, lakes and groundwater. The mining industry is also a major consumer of energy. However, the most significant environmental aspect of mines is linked to the management of mining waste, which can create long-term problems. 

GE3S has been addressing various environment and sustainability aspects of mining industry. Some of the key aspects handled by GE3S includes: 

  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Climate Change 
  • Water Scarcity 
  • Mining Waste 
  • Future Sustainable Growth 
  • Environmental Impact Assessment