GE3S provides a variety of services to government entities, including ODS phaseout study, environmental permitting and compliance management, air dispersion modeling, noise modeling, hydrodynamic modeling, energy modeling, environmental training, and sustainability guidelines. In 2016, GE3S was awarded a First Sustainability Reporting for Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority ( SEWA), followed by LEED Platinum design for Hatta Mosque for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority ( DEWA), Sustainability report for Abu Dhabi Ports, Industrial Sustainability Guideline for Abu Dhabi Government are few to list here. GE3S team has already completed more than 50 projects for government and UN agencies, and our services for this sector continue to grow. 

Environmental and Sustainability Support - Project Profiles

  • GE3S has developed sustainability report for Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority in line with GRI guidelines since 2016. 
  • GE3S Abu Dhabi office is currently assisting the Abu Dhabi Government with the design and implementation of an Industrial Sustainability Guidelines (ISG) in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. ISG is a set of systematic processes and practices that enable the industrial facility to effectively save energy, water and reduce the waste generation during their process.  ISG implementation is first of its kind initiative undertaken by Abu Dhabi Government  GE3S first identify the industries to carry out the industrial sustainability audit for selected KPIs, collected comprehensive industrial data, carry out the Benchmarking and Cost Benefit Analysis, set the objectives and target for the Industries to reduce their energy, water, waste generation and improve the indoor environment. As part of facilitation, GE3S has developed the IT Dashboard and Due Diligence tool for the industries to evaluate their sustainability performance.  
  • Since 2008, GE3S team has been engaged in National level ODS survey to phase it out. GE3S work with local, federal and UN agencies to understand the status and develop the phase out plan as per UN commitment.  
  • For several years, GE3S team has provided onsite assistance with environmental compliance and permitting requirements for a government facility. GE3S‘s support includes preparing all air quality reports that are required by the government agency, preparing air permit applications for new equipment at the facility, and performing emissions calculations and reporting required under the Greenhouse Gas Mandatory Reporting Rule. From a compliance standpoint, GE3S is onsite at the facility regularly to assist with the filing of environmental records, auditing of environmental programs and tracking environmental compliance. In addition, GE3S developed several environmental and safety related plans, including the Emergency Action and Response Plan, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan, Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) plan. GE3S conducts custom courses for energy, sustainability, and solar system. 
  • GE3S has been working with various regulatory authorities to design, construct and operate their buildings on sustainability principles. GE3S has developed the sustainability policy for several organizations and got their building certified under various program including LEED, Esidama, EHS Trakhees etc. 
  • For Government owned oils and gas industries, GE3S conducted required air dispersion modeling, noise modeling for an environment permit application associated with the expansion of chemical complex. The project involved developing emission factors,  collecting emission inventory data,  converting Metrological data into the AERMOD format and to conducting modeling for nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen oxides (NO2), particulate matter (PM10), and sulfur dioxide (SO2) using the AERMOD latest model. Modeling results were compared with PSD limit to determine if maximum concentrations were below these thresholds. 



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