General Manufacturing

Manufacturing facilities are typically required to comply with a wide range of regulations. Different manufacturing industries produce different products therefore bring them under one umbrella of regulations become a challenging. A team guiding the manufacturing industry must know their process, best available technology, and cumulative impacts on surrounding due to cluster of industries.

Most of the countries have the federal level regulation for the industries but sometime a state or city may have stringent guideline to protect environment and residents.  GE3S has been providing an integrated environment and sustainability consulting services in the benefit of society while ensuring the impact due to industries remain within stipulated standards from local, state or federal agency.

Project Profiles

  • GE3S Abu Dhabi office is currently assisting the Abu Dhabi Government with the design and implementation of an Industrial Sustainability Guidelines (ISG) for the manufacturing sector in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. ISG is a set of systematic processes and practices that enable the industrial facility to effectively save energy, water and reduce the waste generation during their process.  ISG implementation is first of its kind initiative undertaken by Abu Dhabi Government  GE3S first identify the industries to carry out the industrial sustainability audit for selected KPIs, collected comprehensive industrial data, carry out the Benchmarking and Cost Benefit Analysis, set the objectives and target for the Industries to reduce their energy, water, waste generation and improve the indoor environment. As part of facilitation, GE3S has developed the IT Dashboard and Due Diligence tool for the industries to evaluate their sustainability performance.
  • GE3S team has conducted environmental monitoring for more than 200+ industries and recommended best practices to improve the environmental quality of working areas.
  • GE3S team has carried industrial energy audits for various manufacturing industries and identify energy saving potential ranging from 5% to 30% based on their current practices. GE3S is working towards Zero Liquid Discharge Solution for various industries.
  • GE3S has carried our several environmental studies including, environmental site assessment, Preliminary environmental review, environmental impact assessment, air dispersion modeling, noise modeling to secure environmental permitting from the regulatory bodies.
  • OHS and industrial hygiene have been key services for ensuring the highest of standards for its staff.
  • GE3S has design and install various desalination and RO based water and wastewater solutions to multiple industries in South-East Asia region.
Industry Experts