Given the carbon-intensive nature of business, cement manufacturers are under the increasing pressure to modify their business strategies and production process to foster a long-term, sustainable environment. Governments around the world are making a concerted effort to encourage such change, as highlighted in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in December 2015, in which 179 countries and the EU pledged to keep global temperature increase well below 2 Degree C by significantly reducing emission of greenhouse gases. The scrutiny of public eyes on cement manufacturing process and strict government regulations on CO2 emissions globally will likely impact the overall direction of business planning and growth strategies of cement manufacturers.

Cement is the key ingredient in making concrete. Concrete is the second consumed materials after water in the world. When a material becomes as integral to the structure as concrete, it is important to analyze its environmental impacts to conclude if the material is as sustainable as it is prevalent.

Air pollution caused by cement industries is harmful to the human’s health, spoils and erodes building surface, corrodes metals, weakens textiles, deteriorates atmospheric visibility, affects plant life and leads to ecological imbalances. Major environmental and sustainability issues in the cement industry includes:

  • Energy required to produce the material
  • CO2 emissions resulting from the material’s manufacture
  • Toxicity of the material
  • Transportation of the material during its manufacturing and delivery
  • Degree of pollution resulting from the material at the end of its useful life
  • Lifetime of the material and its potential for reuse if the building is demolished It is important to address all of these factors in deciding if a material can be viewed wholly as a sustainable material.

Our services and expertise in the Cement industry include:

EHS Audits and Assessments 

GE3S team has developed EHS management system for various cement industries. Whether you oversee a single location or have accountability for hundreds of facilities worldwide, our complete environmental auditing support services can help you compile data, interpret results, report on findings, set smart goals, and maintain compliance.

Climate Change and Carbon Solutions 

Our GHG emission tool can calculate your level of GHG emissions and pinpoint the areas across your value chain that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. We also support science-based target initiatives.

Energy Management 

GE3S has carried out energy audits for several cement industries, and identify the potential energy saving in the range of 10 -40%.  GE3S help the clients to implement ISO 50001 and Unique energy solutions help you build capacity and capability in implementing your highest priority conservation efforts.

Sustainability Reporting 

Innovative tools help you optimize your full spectrum of corporate reporting and disclosure, including CDP, SASB, annual sustainability reports, and more.

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