Building Material

During manufacture, use, and disposal, building materials consume significant natural resources and energy, resulting in the generation of environmental impacts. The quantity of glass, concrete, steel, insulation, and other materials found in both contemporary and historic building stock makes these impacts sizable.

The choice of materials and building elements for any building will mainly be made on the basis of            thermal properties, structural properties, and cost. As well as the energy implications of the  materials, other factors to be considered include:

  • The implications of mineral extraction to derive the basic product
  • The pollution and energy consequences of the manufacturing/production process
  • Toxicity of product and chemicals etc. used in manufacturing process e.g. global warming  potential/ozone depletion potential
  • Waste issues at all stages of the production and construction processes
    Distribution/transport issues
  • Lifecycle and recycling options at the end of its expected life

One measure often used to measure environmental impact is embodied energy. Several Green  Guides     have been produced that include the above issues and attempt to provide some weighting on the likely  impact of all the above.

GE3S has have an extensive experience of handing more than 150 projects of building design and construction where each of the building material has been reviewed, verified and tested before installation.   Some of the Projects where GE3S has reviewed and approved the material submittals in line with LEED, Estidama and EHS Green building includes below:

Project Profile

  • Estidama Pearl 3 Certification for Abu Dhabi Internal Airport
  • LEED Platinum Certification for Lulu Headquarter, Dubai
  • LEED Platinum certification for MAF 2 HQ, Dubai
  • LEED Platinum Certification for Grundfos Warehouse, Dubai
  • EHS Trakhees Green Building Certification for various Projects in Dubai
  • Estidama Pearl 2 Certification for Sheikh Khalifa Mosque, Al Ain
  • Estidama Pearl 2 Certification for Crown Prince Court Building, Abu Dhabi
  • Energy Modeling
  • GE3S team has conducted green building compliant inspection of 150+ construction projects to ensure that each material placed in the building meets the green certification.
  • GE3S team has carried industrial energy audits for building material manufacturing facilities identify energy saving potential ranging from 5% to 30% based on their current practices. GE3S is working towards Zero Liquid Discharge Solution for various industries.
  • GE3S has carried our several environmental studies including, environmental site assessment, Preliminary environmental review, environmental impact assessment, air dispersion modeling, noise modeling to secure environmental permitting from the regulatory bodies.
  •  OHS and industrial hygiene have been key services for ensuring the highest of standards for its staff.
  • GE3S has design and install various desalination and RO based water and wastewater solutions to multiple industries in South-East Asia region.
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