For more than a decade, GE3S staff have been serving various environmental and sustainability need of airport design, construction and operation. 

Potentially Applicable Airport Services ACA and Sustainability:

Airports are at different points on the journey to becoming cleaner and more efficient. As the Centrepoint of a complex web of aircraft movements, technical operations and surface access transport, airports can address their CO2 emissions in a variety of ways. In order to promote GHG emission reduction at Airports, Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) Program was initiated in 2009. The airports are provided with following four levels of accreditation based on the action they take on GHG emission reduction:

  • Mapping
  • Reduction
  • Optimization
  • Neutrality

GE3S provides advisory services to airports on identifying their emissions as well as reducing the same. We help our clients throughout the ACA program cycle so that they receive the highest level of carbon certification.

Project Profile

GE3S has performed the following past and on-going projects:

  • Assisted airport to achieve Airport Carbon Accreditation
  • Prepared GHG emission inventory for airport operations
  • Supervise to achieve Estidama certification for airport constriction
  • Supported long-term on-site assignments for a variety of environmental needs
  • Prepared an air dispersion model in anticipation of future need
  • Prepared a Noise Modeling in anticipation of future need
  • Conducted several compliance audits focusing on various environmental issues