Fire and life safety is an essential subject.
It involves numerous safety issues including fire prevention, fire suppression, and emergency evacuation/response. Life safety includes first aid. Fire/life safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Course Objective

Fire and Life safety training is designed to give you basic understanding of the course of actions to be performed during emergencies. This includes live hands on fire extinguishment and proper extinguisher use. Life safety training includes first aid. It’s also good for anybody who wants to be able to help during a medical emergency. Medical emergencies related to ill health or an accident can happen anywhere at any time and this course will ensure that you know what to do.

The gains of attending the course will be as follows:

  • Will be able to recognize life-threatening situations.
  • Will be able to offer vital assistance before more experienced help arrives.
  • Will be able to operate fire extinguishers
  • Will learn procedures to be adopted during fire.
Who should attend

Professionals who are planning to take fire and life safety certificates and be equipped with its knowledge. They can be from industries, hotels, universities, schools, residents. The Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Consultants, Health and Safety Managers and Facility Managers can attend the course.

Course Outline

Course can be of one day:

Day One:

Part I: Fire training Duration: 4 hours

This would include:

  1. Classes of fire
  2. Firefighting extinguishers
  3. Fire hydrant
  4. Appliances of firefighting and fire tender
  5. Firefighting commands
  6. Evacuation procedures.

Part II: First aid training Duration: 4 hours
This would include:

  1. What is first aid
  2. Aim of the first aid
  3. Responsibility of the first aider
  4. Common injuries
  5. Some serious illness or injury
  6. Basic life support
  7. Importance and application of CPR
  8. Types of wound
  9. Treatment of bleeding
  10. Severity of burn
  11. Burn treatment and types of burn
  12. Types of fracture
  13. Causes and treatment of Sprain and strain
  14. Information about heat stroke
  15. Causes of mental shock
  16. Mental shock treatment
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