GE3S to facilitate TSB Group Kazakhstan for Setting up E-waste Treatment Plant in UAE

The opportunity has arisen for us to set up an E-waste recycling facility here termed as “ Kaldo Plant” in United Arab Emirates. This is a most promising market worldwide and UAE set to be an ideal location as there is no end to end recycling factory here.

TSB Group has the equipment to process electronic scrap, including circuit boards according to the principle of “zero emission”. The equipment is unique, operates on the basis of Outotec and Boliden companies’ technology, and has no analogues in South-East Asia and China. In this case, the entire processing of electronic scrap can be carried out in the UAE with receiving gold, silver and other precious metals.

—Kaldo Plant in UAE is being proposed based on state of art technology with sound environmental practice. TSB group is also looking for prospective investor or Government authority to establish the factory on PPP model. There is an immense opportunity to invest in what will almost become GCC’s preferred destination to recycle the E-waste. TSB Group expect this new Kaldo Plant will not only help to achieve UAE’s vision to Zero waste disposal but also offer an excellent return on investment.

A brief feasibility report is available about UAE market, proposed Technology, Organization structure, associated risk and opportunity to invest in the proposing market.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at / +97124451337.

LEED 2009 Registration close date around the corner!!

The registration close date for all LEED 2009 rating systems is October 31, 2016. All buildings aspiring to get certification under 2009 rating system must register on or before this date. The sun set date or the last day projects can submit for certification is June 30, 2021. Contact us in case you have any questions!

GE3S has been accreditted as an Environmental Consultant from Dubai Municipality for 6 codes

GE3S has been accredited from Dubai Municipality for following codes:

A – Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report for Category A Projects and Category B-Type A Projects (Major Industrial Activities), as identified under EPSS Technical Guidelines No. 2 and 3, respectively.

B – Land Contamination Investigation and Environmental Site Assessment

C- Waste Audits and Waste Management Studies

E1 – Air Quality Modeling

F2 – Noise Monitoring

I- Soil and Hydro-Geological (Groundwater) Studies

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