Our Business

Integrated Environment & Sustainability Consulting

Founded in 2014, GE3S is an engineering and management consulting company with offices across Middle east, India, Europe and Canada. GE3S assists organizations for diversified portfolios of services including energy efficient engineering design, IoT, waste management system design, environmental and sustainability regulatory issues such as permitting and compliance management, air dispersion modeling, noise modeling, and control technology analyses. We also address broader environmental performance and risk management issues such as environmental sustainability, EHS management systems, carbon management, and auditing and verification through in house developed software’s.

Environmental Monitoring

GE3S Environmental monitoring services include but not limited to ambient air quality monitoring, indoor air quality monitoring, emission testing, noise and vibration monitoring.

GE3S provides complete monitoring services including initial site selection and permitting, monitoring systems integration and installation, performance audits, field calibrations, remote data management, ongoing reporting and analysis, and maintenance for government and private client or wind energy projects

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

GE3S’s group company design, supply and install the advance water and wastewater treatment system for Industries. GE3S provide comprehensive wastewater treatment solution for various types of industries including dairy & food, pharmaceutical, textile, tannery, power, oil & gas, chemical sector. GE3S has in house membrane manufacturing industry to produce high quality membrane to cater the need of domestic water and industrial wastewater treatment solutions. 

Industrial Hygiene

Our solution effectively serves the industry’s unique requirements, and is built by our certified industrial hygienists, with input from clients who are respected leaders in their field. Ultimately, you can use Cority to improve your performance and demonstrate the value of IH within your organization.

GE3S’s IH experts created a comprehensive Industrial Hygiene solution that helps identify hazards and proactively mitigate risks. Built-in systems streamline processes and make you more productive with sample data collection and management, exposure reporting and analysis, and environmental risk assessment and mitigation programs.

Let us help you improve the way you manage industrial hazards and risks, enable your employees to be more productive, and keep your employees healthy.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It’s also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure.

More flexible production, greater productivity, and the development of new business models are all possible today thanks to digital solutions. But the future of industry offers even more potential: Cutting-edge technologies will create new opportunities for both discrete and process industries to fulfill their customers’ individual requirements.

The Digital Enterprise solution portfolio enables industrial companies of all sizes to implement current and future technologies for the automation and digitalization. Thus, they can tap into the full potential of Industries 4.0 and get ready for the next level of their digital transformation journey.

GE3S IT team develop comprehensive environmental and sustainability tool help clients in managing their objectives and targets in seamless manner.

Environment and Sustainability Engineering Staffing Solutions

GE3S provides staffing assistance focusing on Engineering, Operations, Management and Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) and sustainability positions. GE3S works with clients in many industries from manufacturing and processing facilities to consulting and advocacy groups. From candidates just beginning their careers to executives, GE3S has the technical knowledge and network to efficiently find the right candidate for your company’s need.