At GE3S we have a very strong commissioning background for electro-mechanical systems. We have complete expertise for providing third party commissioning services for New Construction and Existing Operating Buildings for the following systems:


1. Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning
2. Cooling / Heating
3. Lighting
4. Diesel Generators
5. Electrical Infrastructure / ATS
6. Sewage Treatment Plants
7. Irrigation Systems
8. Fire / Life Safety Systems
9. Plumbing Systems
10. Ventilation


Our commissioning process follows ASHRAE Guideline 0 and Guideline 1 and includes the following:

Documenting Owners Project Requirements
Review of Basis of Design
Commissioning Plan development
Measurement & Verification (as per IPMVP)
Detailed design review
Commissioning Specification development
Submittal Review
Calculation review (fan head / pump head / heat load etc)
Installation Verification
Witness equipment Start-up and Flushing
System Readiness Checking
Pre-functional Testing
Point-to-Point Testing
Functional Performance Testing
• Manual
• Trend Log Based
TAB Verification
Sensor Calibration Verification
Findings Log Development and Resolution
O&M Manual
Systems Manual for Re-commissioning

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