Sustainability Advisory

The sustainability agenda is constantly evolving and moving forward. Stakeholders, including consumers, employees, investors and regulators, are demanding that organizations improve their sustainability performance. Companies are finding new innovative ways of addressing the stakeholder’s expectation and meeting the sustainability challenges.

Sustainability Consultancy

GE3S assists its clients in implementing best practices, reporting to stakeholders, setting up governance structures and devising long term strategy around sustainable development. Our key services in sustainability domain include the following:

1.Sustainability Strategy

2.Sustainability Reporting

3.Sustainability Assurance

4.Sustainable Procurement & Supply Chain

1.Sustainability Strategy: Every business approaches sustainability differently. Integrating sustainability into business strategy and long term plans is becoming increasingly important. We assist clients in identify the material impacts, establishing KPIs, engaging with stakeholders, developing sustainability vision and mission and establishing governance structure to execute the strategy and meet the sustainable targets. Whether you have just started or already have taken actions on sustainability, GE3S team can guide you along a strategic, effective, and customized journey towards sustainable business.

2.Sustainability Reporting: Increasingly all businesses and organizations are expected to report to its stakeholders on an array of sustainability information so that they can assess its sustainability performance against legislative requirements, voluntary standards and industry peers. 81% of the S&P 500 Index Companies Published Corporate Sustainability Reports in 2015. Globally GRI reporting guidelines are most widely used to prepare sustainability reports. We assist our clients in preparing GRI compliant sustainability reports. Our services include stakeholder engagement, materiality analysis, data collection, report writing, design and liaising with GRI for GRI check services.

3.Sustainability Assurance: Assurance provides confidence to the stakeholders that the data reported by the organization in its sustainability report is reliable. We conduct review of the report and audit the non-financial data to provide our assurance opinion to a sustainability report. We have a pool of resources having expertise in different sustainability issues including, energy water, waste, human resource, heath & safety, biodiversity etc.

4.Sustainable Procurement & Supply Chain: Companies and organizations may have greater sustainability impact by addressing social, environmental and economic issues within their supply chain. In most cases the organization may not have direct control on its supply chain. We help our clients assess their supply chain, identify and prioritize the sustainability challenges and help them overcome these challenges by developing SMART strategies. We also help our clients in implementing sustainability practices and procedures in line with:

1.26000:2010, Guidance on social responsibility

2.ISO 20400:2017 – Sustainable procurement Guidance

3.CIPS Corporate Certification

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